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What data does C-SMART Analytics collect and store?

C-SMART Analytics gathers specific diagnostic information from your measurement equipment (i.e., ultrasonic meters, flow computers, chromatographs, and Coriolis meters). This data is stored in the secure, cloud-based C-Smart database with retention policies applied for up to one year. Regular system analysis, as well as security and privacy risk assessments, are performed to ensure the integrity of the data collected.

C-SMART Analytics partners with leading cloud providers that offer best-of-breed security management services, including compliance monitoring, firewall management, scheduled operating system patching, timely antivirus updates, and advanced network traffic monitoring. C-SMART Analytics contracts with telecommunications providers to provide private access point names (APNs), which serve as the gateway between mobile and computer networks, to C-SMART Analytics sites and the virtual private networks (VPNs) between data centers.

C-SMART Analytics does not collect, use, store, or process any personally identifiable information (PII), as defined by applicable data privacy laws. Furthermore, C-SMART Analytics is neither a processor nor a controller, as defined by applicable data privacy laws, of PII.


Selecting the data collection method that’s right for you.

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Secure File



Ideal for:
Organizations that can collect sufficient data through their SCADA and measurement systems

How it works:
Data is collected by your systems and then transferred to C-SMART Analytics daily via SFTP. All data is encrypted prior to data transmission.

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Ideal for:
Organizations that do not have an IT infrastructure that can provide the required diagnostics data

How it works:
CEESiGuard is a hardware and network solution that collects and transmits data directly from your measurement system to C-SMART Analytics™.

CEESiGuard polls all end devices via Modbus, so there is no connection between C-SMART Analytics™ and your control network.

CEESiGuard only reads data. You can add further protection by setting end-device ports to read only and/or add Modbus network devices to prevent write messages.



C-SMART Analytics Cloud Hosting Network Solution Architecture



How do you access your information?

Reports and diagnostics data are accessible via the internet from any computer; no special software is required. Once securely authenticated to the C-SMART Analytics web portal, you will have access to display active alerts, current diagnostic values, performance charts with alert limits, and advanced historical trending for analysis and troubleshooting. You can download any selected data from the portal to a CSV file and output all standardized reports in PDF format.