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Move lost and unaccounted for gas (LAUF) closer to zero.

Using industry-leading analytics and Internet of Things technology, the C-Smart system continuously monitors, analyzes, stores, and communicates data from your existing flow measurement equipment.

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Your virtual measurement expert

Flow measurement technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Ultrasonic meters, chromatographs, and Coriolis meters provide much more robust diagnostics than traditional measurement systems.

But something has been missing: an intelligent web-based system that leverages your investments in these technologies.


Helps you operate more efficiently by:


Storing all your data in a single database.

When data is trapped in silos, such as in the measurement equipment, SCADA systems, measurement accounting systems, and files and emails on individuals’ computers, analyzing and acting upon it become much more difficult, if not impossible.


Providing the big picture.

C-SMART Analytics integrates data from multiple tools, vendors, and software systems, which helps speed the identification and resolution of problems.


Continuously monitoring.

Rather than an occasional snapshot of measurement conditions, C-SMART Analytics™ provides 24/7 monitoring and automated analysis. This boosts your measurement certainty while reducing the need for on-site visits


Augmenting technical knowledge.

C-SMART Analytics normalizes the data across devices and brands, allowing your technicians to understand what they’re seeing, better communicate what’s going on, and confidently address issues.


Leveraging your investment.

Leveraging your investment in smart metering technology. Your organization invested the time and resources in upgrading to smart meters. With C-SMART Analytics, you can ensure the data collected improves the way you manage your organization’s measurement risk – without creating more work for your team.

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What does C-SMART Analytics monitor?

C-SMART Analytics remotely and continuously monitors your natural gas measurement systems. Diagnostic operating ranges can be customized based on vendor recommendations, industry best practices, C-SMART Analytics knowledge, and your policies. Database information is recorded hourly, which means you can quickly analyze data, track trends, and determine correlations – right from your desk, before an issue becomes a significant problem. Now you’re able to prioritize site visits, bring the appropriate equipment and tools to repair the issue, and make your job much easier. 



What does C-SMART Analytics check for and identify?

C-SMART Analytics evaluates the collected data and performs 17 checks to generate alerts and analyses.