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A better way of protecting your bottom line

C-SMART Analytics has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business News. Please click here to view the television segment and learn more about C-SMART Analytics.


 Together We Can:


Identify errors and intermittent issues on a timely basis.

Analyze diagnostics to provide error estimates and remedies.

Control your measurement risk.

Decrease LAUF and improve the bottom line.



Ultrasonic meter (USM) transducer or electronics failure

Contamination, blockage, or liquids in the meter run

Out-of-calibration pressure or temperature transmitter

Communication problems between devices

Flow computer calculation problems

Chromatograph problems


Our customers have used C-SMART Analytics to successfully pinpoint measurement errors that can have a serious effect on their bottom line

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C-SMART Analytics offers 2 Levels of Service:


The Basic Option

With the Basic Option, field measurement diagnostics are collected and stored into a single database and analyzed with augment analysis techniques. By comparing incoming diagnostics to known behavioral models, industry best practices, OEM product specifications, and NIST traceable standards, C-SMART Basic automatically identifies events and errors. Customers are then provided automated alerts, summary reports, and solution instruction. Additionally, C-SMART provides an intuitive web portal giving teams powerful tools continued analysis of diagnostic information.



The Complete Option

With the complete option, C-SMART analysts monitor your diagnostics using the same powerful tools available with the Basic option while also providing concise monthly summary reports and webinars to review findings. This increased level of service helps support and justify extensions of UFM recalibration intervals and serves to efficiently augment your measurement staff.